Providing legal IT services to firms across the nation

Breeze IT provides unparalleled technical consulting, network support and other IT services for law firms of all sizes. We have the experience and hands-on implementation skills to seamlessly integrate data security into your firm’s IT environment.

We help attorneys understand best practices for protecting sensitive client data and identify areas where breakdowns in your systems are likely to occur—putting the systems in place to avoid or respond to any issues.


Client-first legal IT support services

24/7 service desk support: For attorneys, every minute counts. We can handle any technical issues you face within minutes so you can focus on your clients.

Cybersecurity and document protection: Protect clients against unprecedented data vulnerability risks and ensure compliance with a range of legal IT services.

Access to data any time, anywhere on the cloud: Anytime you need them—and from anywhere—your documents are accessible within seconds.

We know the applications you need: Whether it is Clio or MyCase, we know and work with the specific applications your firm uses. We got you covered.


Today’s cutthroat legal industry means a team of skilled, seasoned lawyers alone won’t guarantee your law firm will succeed, because your competitors are always improving their efficiency and client satisfaction through smart office technology. To stay competitive, you need secure, optimized business IT that allows you to focus on your cases and maintain compliance with changing regulations, and you have to do it all without breaking your budget.

But investing in the right IT solutions for your law firm and keeping everything at its peak performance around the clock is resource-demanding. That’s why Breeze IT offers our hassle-free, cost-effective IT Support. Our skilled IT experts will learn the specific challenges and goals of your law firm, then implement targeted IT solutions that’ll help you work smarter and win cases more effectively. As you focus on scaling your legal practice, we’ll remain on standby to provide responsive technology support whenever you need it, so nothing gets in the way of your success.